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Data analyst

Not every company needs to hire a data analyst to extract insights from the data

smart view

  With us at Dashboard 4 More you will get analysis solutions and advanced business analysis with the help of building customized dashboards, which allow you to get a real-time snapshot of the company's performance.

 - Our way

We will characterize the most important indicators for you and build a unique dashboard that combines all the relevant data from different sources. Including connecting to internal systems, advertising platforms and your website.

Data on a Touch Pad

Create custom advanced reports 

Advanced reports

Characterization of reports and construction of adjusted indicators and with the help of a deep understanding of the business needs, we will open customized reports for you.


Analysis and providing solutions

in Real  Time

Real time connection

The analysis reports will present data from different information sources in real time.

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Building advanced dashboards

in Google Locker 

BI dashboard

In the dashboard you will receive the important indicators based on your data in a visually organized and informative way.

In everything related to your businessDashboard 4 MoreTake you to the next level

Bringing BI into your management

An in-depth data analysis of business needs will allow you to locate the most critical indicators for management and making informed decisions. These indicators will be based on defined business goals and will enable effective monitoring of the company's progress.

Our solution includes the development of a customized dashboard, which presents a comprehensive snapshot of all aspects of business activity. The dashboard will be interactive and will allow you to perform in-depth analyzes of data, while identifying trends and anomalies in real time.

Implementing a BI system will allow you to have full control over the data, improve the decision-making process and grow efficiently and continuously.

bi dashboards


my profile

My name is Yehiel Adam, an industrial and management engineer with experience in providing analysis services and creating technological solutions in high-tech and insurance companies.
I gained a lot of experience as a data analyst and BI developer and thus applied analysis solutions to complex business problems through advanced data analysis.
I founded Dashboard 4 More to help small companies grow and develop through customized solutions using advanced technologies.

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